Recipes I’m Currently Loving

Since we’ve been spending so much more time at home, now is the perfect time to whip up those recipes you’ve seen on my Instagram. I am no chef but I love cooking quick and delicious meals. Some recipes I’ve altered to make my own (since I’m allergic to dairy) while others I just make up with whatever I have left over in my fridge. Some of my favorite recipes are below and they truly inspire me to become a better cook! Hope you enjoy them and please tag me @sara.azani if you make anything!

Recipes I’ve made and love:
Air Fryer
Salmon (I always add coconut aminos & garlic to marinade)
Stuffed Bagel Balls (I sub w/ vegan greek yogurt & cream cheese to make dairy-free)
Stuffed Bell Peppers (I melt vegan cheese on top & cook peppers in air fryer. I also add lemon peppers to meat and coconut aminos)
Salmon Furikake Bowls (I use any veggies on hand & like to add a side of Chile Corn Salsa from TJs & cucumbers marinated in coconut aminos and EBB seasoning)
Quick Meals
Pea & Mint Pasta (I use vegan butter and almond ricotta)
Salmon Over Lentils & Leeks (I use vegan butter & olive oil)
Homemade Sloppy Joes (I use vegan butter & olive oil. I also like to add coconut aminos)
Homemade Hamburger Helper (I use vegan butter and honey mustard)
Healthy Desserts
Recipes I plan trying soon
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