5 Ways to Organize Your Office

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I recently organized my office and found that it’s so much more manageable when split up into intervals. Since I use my office for many purposes – to do work, store beauty products, take meetings, and record content it’s important to maintain a space that is not only clutter-free and but also inspiring. Here are five quick and easy steps I followed for organizing my office this week:

1) Purge or store away things you don’t use often. That also includes your desktop and digital space

2) Use Pinterest and other images on social to create a space that is inspiring and fresh. Don’t be afraid to rearrange your space or use a color theme

3) Keep the space minimal. To me a clutter-free space promotes a clear mind and productivity, even though I love knick knacks :)

4) Always keep a donation bag on hand. I always like to have a bag out to donate items I don’t wear or use often. Also a great way to not stock pile and have too many things

5) Buy storage bins and pretty trays to store and display things in a organized and cohesive way

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