My Best Tips for a Chic Athleisure Look

I’m excited to write this post because as a mom and just all-around busy person (something I’m sure most of you can relate to), I’m definitely someone who takes full advantage of chic athleisure. And after I posted this photo on Instagram recently, a lot of you commented or DMed asking how I put outfits like that together.


Athleisure is such a great way to look put together but also be extremely comfortable. I can run after the kids and do all my errands, but still feel put together enough that if I run into someone or have a casual lunch I don’t feel underdressed. To style this kind of outfit, I have a really simple formula I like to follow:


Elevated accessories
Your accessories are what’s key to making your athleisure look and feel chic. You can see in the photo that I’m wearing a long wool coat, which just takes the entire outfit up a notch. Your coat choice is definitely important (also love this coat). You can see my actual outfit is very casual but styled with a Chanel handbag (or even a chic backpack) adds some sophistication. Also, a good pair of dark sunglasses is 100% necessary!


Separate your activewear from your athleisure
Although these two words and can sometimes be used interchangeably, the difference is that you actually work out in activewear. Whereas athleisure pieces are items you wear casually that are more about making you feel comfortable yet stylish. So what I’m saying is, have the items you wear to the gym to sweat in, and then have the items you wear to be casual and comfortable, yet chic. For example, maybe you have a few designated pairs of leggings or basic tops that are solely for athleisure and then a few other pairs that are solely for activewear. Having these two different categories in your closet will help you feel more elevated when wearing athleisure. A lot of my Alo Yoga pieces do overlap which I love because not only are they great to break a sweat in but they also look chic when you’re not working out! But some – like these don’t because they are more of an elevated casual pair!


Black or white sneakers
This kind of goes along with separating your activewear from your athleisure, but having a reliable pair of stylish sneakers is a must. I love my all black Nikes, but this white Adidas option is on my wishlist next!  They don’t have to be a sporty brand either – you could easily also go with Golden Goose or Vans (I have these).


Stick to neutrals
This is probably my most important tip. To me, an athleisure outfit is always chicer when it’s all neutral. For me, I love an all-black look but even if your look isn’t all black, keep any colors soft and muted (with the exception of these leopard leggings that I wear all the time).


I hope these tips help and show you that putting together a chic athleisure look is actually very simple. If you put a look together and post it on Instagram, be sure to tag me so I can see!

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