How to Refresh Your Home Decor for the New Season

With the changing of the seasons, I tend to get the itch to refresh our home decor – especially going from winter to spring and summer. I want the house to feel fresh and bright and clean! As tempting as it is to go out and look for furniture, I try to keep my seasonal changes a little more budget-friendly. But that doesn’t mean they don’t pack a big style punch. If you’re looking to make your home feel a bit more like spring, or maybe it just needs something new and different, without changing big pieces, try the swaps below!
Beautiful mirrors are one of my favorite things to gawk at while I’m cruising through Pinterest. You can spend a lot on mirrors, and I do recommend investing in the ones that stay out year round. But if you’re looking for a quick seasonal change, go for smaller options you can lean on a wall while resting on a console (or day bed in my case) or add to your bookshelf decor. For larger ones, go for a statement like this black one we have and the circular one in the foyer.
Candles are my favorite way to set a mood in a room. From the scent to the packing – it all plays a part in how a room feels. Dyptique candles are my favorite! For spring and summer, go for light scents like rose and jazmin or baies. Something that not only looks pretty to the eye but smells fantastic too!
Sara Azani Style MBA Kitchen
Tabletop accessories 
Coffee table books and sculptural objects are such a good way to dress up a room and really showcase your personal style. You can purchase books that represent your interests along with objects that inspire you – a fave is the Tom Ford book. Store the books you’re not using on a nearby bookshelf so they pull double duty as decor. You can also easily thrift books to keep the price down of having so many.
Sara Azani Style MBA Foyer
New pillows & throws
When it comes to living rooms and bedrooms, blankets and throw pillows can make all the difference! To make things a little more affordable and to save space (because who has room to store fluffy throw pillows?!), I recommend investing in really good inserts (the pillows themselves) in various sizes and then buying covers. This way you can have multiple covers to switch out as the seasons come and go.
Style MBA Bedroom
Flowers and plants 
Nothing says spring and summer like adding a few flowers and plants to your regular decor. I like to keep fresh stems in the house during this time year because it helps bring the outdoors in. You could also pick up a pretty succulent at your local nursery for a low maintenance option that will last longer than fresh blooms. I have to say, though, tulips are favorite this time of year!
Do you swap out decor with the seasons? If you’ve been thinking about doing it this year, I hope this gives you a little inspiration!
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