Baby Jogger: Strolling with my GT2

There isn’t a day that goes by when my almost-two year old twins don’t want to leave the house. In fact, they say the word “car” and “shoes” to indicate they’re ready to hit the town. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store, the park, or a walk downtown, they’re always ready for an adventure out. One of our favorite places is Pike & Rose, a new suburban “downtown” minutes away from our house. With a new movie theater, retail, and exciting restaurants and coffee stops, it’s become a go-to spot during on weekdays and weekends where kids can enjoy the new “beach” and water fountain.

One of the great things about “strolling” in the new Baby Jogger GT2 is its light and slim frame and how easily it transitions from my car to the street (trust me, there are some strollers so complicated to fold/unfold, they require a PhD) not to mention I have a bad back so it’s lightweight too. We actually already own the City Mini GT Double (and love it!) so having a single stroller was also important for us when we want quality one on one time with the twins.

Of course there is no other brand we would turn to for a single stroller too! Once on the go, we can carry everything we need (e.g. they are obsessed with snacking) in the small carrying fold of the Baby Jogger GT2. It even doubles as fast walking stroller for my husband who loves to takes the kids on long walks. Since kids have very sensitive skin, it’s always important to protect them from UV rays and sun so I appreciate that the Jogger has the UV50 canopy. Plus, with the magnetic peekaboo window I can still keep them in the shade and check on them!

I love that when the kiddos get tired too it has a near flat seat recline. Without an easy to maneuver stroller like the Baby Jogger GT2 it would not be easy running errands with my little ones and getting my work done. I try to include them in everything I do and almost every where I go so having a reliable stroller that’s easy to be out and about exploring with my little ones has really made my life easier! I highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a new stroller. You will thank me after!


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