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Summer is around the corner which means the start of the summer travel season. Fortunately, after years of being on the road for work, I think I’ve become quite adept at navigating airports (TSA Pre Check, here’s looking at you). Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of quick trips in and out of cities, like New York, for example, where I have to go straight from the airplane to a full day of meetings followed by events and/or a dinner. So how to pack enough for day and night events? Well neutrals are a good start. Followed by having a luggage bag that can swallow my laptop, magazines, makeup bag, shoes with just enough room to add a new item I hope to add to my wardrobe. You can see how I pack my Lo & Son’s bag here:

I have had the this Lo & Sons O.G. bag for a few years now and I still use it to this day! One of the best things about the design is it has a compartment where you can pack shoes (I always wear flats when traveling but like to pack heels for meetings), it’s sturdy but malleable enough to fit in an overhead bin, and it slides right on top of my carry-on luggage bag. I always hate having to search for a computer and phone charger so it’s nice to have a bag with easy access to those along with much needed snacks when in transit (chips and gummy bears, always).

I love that I can immediately slide it off my carry-on and jet to my next meeting! It’s so convenient and chic enough to serve as a work bag too which is great. If you’re looking to invest in a travel bag, this bag is it as you will reach for it over and over for your summer travels and more!

Special thanks to Lo & Sons for sponsoring this post.


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