Looking your best after those nights when you don’t get your beauty sleep

Whether you were at the office working late or up all night with a baby, I think we can all agree that we still want to look like we got a full 8 hours of sleep – I know I do! After having my fair share of nights without tons of sleep, I’ve developed a little bit of a formula for keeping that fresh, wide awake look even if I’m actually running on E. It’s quick, simple and even the busiest woman can fit it into her schedule

Makeup Highlight Tips

Ice roll
Have you guys seen ice rollers? You’ve probably heard of a jade or quartz roller, but an ice roller is a bit more intense because you keep it in the freezer and use it any time you’re looking puffy or tired. I swear it will help contour and shape your face in ways you never thought possible at home and in only five or 10 minutes. You just need one hand to do it, so you can multitask while eating your breakfast or while checking your emails first thing in the morning.
A good concealer
Now that you’ve got your ice rolling done, its time to let makeup work some magic. I swear by Tarte’s Shapetape in Light / Medium Honey. All you have to do is put three little dots in the shape of an upside-down triangle right underneath each eye and then blend with a beauty sponge. Make sure to do this after applying your foundation, that way the concealer stays put. It completely brightens up any dark circles helping you to look fresh and awake.
If you wear makeup on a daily basis, chances are you have a good highlighter in your makeup collection. Apply it in all the usual places – the cheekbone and your cupid’s bow – but to help you look more rested, put just a little bit of highlighter right under your eyes on top of your concealer. It will immediately brighten your eyes right up! If you’re looking for a good highlighter, I recommend Tom Ford’s Shad & Illuminate and Chanel’s Baume Essential Glow Stick. Both can be worn without makeup which is a win in my book!
And that’s it! So quick and easy, right? No crazy, time-consuming steps, just a few simple adjustments to your morning routine to keep you looking rested and ready to take on your day!
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