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I often appreciate when actresses or models credit airbrushing in helping to make them look picture perfect. I mean, even supermodel Cindy Crawford famously said, “I don’t even wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.” But for those of us who can’t quite look our best at all times, there is a handy product that highlights your features and does what an Instagram filter can’t. I recently discovered Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs, and after one application, I started calling my legs Beyonce. It’s liquid love and gives you flawless, sexy, tanned legs in an instant! My legs were tanned, golden, blemish-free and ready to dance. Forget a ring—put Airbrush Legs on it. It’s the perfect way to add some summer glow to your look and totally hassle free. I love how light the spray is and the application is super easy too! Make sure to check out my tips and instructions below on how to achieve summer ready legs!

 Misa LA pink dress

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       Airbrush Legs | Dress | Sandals | Sunglasses

Photos: Felicia

Airbrush Legs comes in both a spray and a lotion. The major difference between the spray and lotion is that the spray has a light to medium coverage with a glow, whereas the lotion gives you full coverage with a matte finish. So the spray could be more for a casual event, and the lotion could be for a wedding or night on the town for lasting wear!

Product Instructions (spray):

  1. Shake product well, then spray into your hand for a more even application
  2. Rub onto legs until completely blended
  3. Allow to set for 60 seconds before dressing

Product Instructions (lotion):

  1. Squeeze quarter size into hand
  2. Smooth evenly all over legs
  3. Allow it to completely dry before dressing

For best results, shave before application! Happy Summer

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs gives you gorgeous, summer-ready legs in an instant.

No sun. No salon. No streaks.






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