Lo & Sons | New Year New Intentions and the New O.G. 2

It’s hard to imagine but in about a month we ring in 2020, which kicks off not only a new year but a new decade. So this particular year change is a milestone. I did stop setting New Year’s resolutions in favor of replacing them with intentions—new, small habits and achievable goals.

 L0 & Sons O.G. 2 Style MBA

 L0 & Sons O.G. 2 Sara Azani

This is also a great time to set new professional goals, such as learning new skill sets, finding that mentor, and starting that side project or job you have always wanted to explore. One of my personal goals is to take on more opportunities in other cities and continue to grow my professional network. This also includes more travel, more face to face, and my personal favorite, the coffee meeting (everybody likes a coffee break). Enter Lo & Sons O.G. 2 travel bag.

 L0 & Sons O.G. 2

 L0 & Sons O.G. 2

The Lo & Sons O.G. 2 travel bag is always top of mind when I am taking business trips. It allows me to function freely on the go with its pass-through luggage sleeve, which easily fits on top of my roller.  It has a new side zipper for your laptop which makes it super convenient to take your laptop out during security at the airport! It also allows me to pack extra shoes (and who doesn’t love that) with it’s discrete shoe compartment making it super easy to switch from flats into heels. I love that the L0 & Sons O.G. 2 also has compartments inside to keep work folders and tablets organized. The O.G. 2 comes in two sizes – medium and large, you really can’t go wrong with either. I would 100% consider it if you want to look your best while traveling and feel confident setting new intentions for the year!

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