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As a new mom of twins – I’m always on the hunt for techy home must-haves especially when it comes to staying connected even when I’m on the go! Having a “smart” and safe home is paramount to me and thanks to technology, it has vastly made monitoring happenings in and around my home much more efficient. Through eBay,  I’m able to shop my home must haves like the Nest camera and Ring doorbell at such a great price. I use both items multiple times a day and it’s critical in helping me achieve my day-to-day tasks.

From monitoring my front door by video via the Ring doorbell and/or communicating with my babies when I am not home (Nest camera) or even receiving packages without having to answer the door – it’s really made my life easier and has given me so much piece of mind.

Next, I have my eye on the Nest thermostat and smoke detectors, as both are so efficient and smart to have in your home. Arash my husband – calls me the techy one since I’m constantly on the look out for the latest and greatest in smart home products.

Also, in case you missed my last eBay post here, almost 81% of all merchandise sold on eBay is new and available with the “Buy It Now” option (no bidding necessary) – which makes it a lot easier not having to compete with multiple bids! Happy shopping!


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