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You’ve just deplaned after a long haul flight. What awaits you next is long lines, crowded baggage claims, and bad lighting. Traveling today is stressful and the combination of flying and exposure to germs can take a toll on your body and overall health. There are, however, strategies to combat the rigors of the road to make it more healthy and even glamorous (an upgrade and cashmere throw do help).



Before you begin your trip, be sure to get your body clock acclimated to the time zone in your destination city. This means adjusting your sleep schedule. Load up on tumeric, ginger and other anti-oxidants that will help boost your immune system and reduce inflammation as traveling does cause stress to your body. Be sure to pack lots of healthy snacks you can eat in-flight with extra in case your flight is delayed. Also, plan ahead. Make sure to dress comfortable and pack some activewear. I love these Lululemon tights and they can be paired with pretty much anything! They are great to travel in and this vest is the perfect layering piece.




Once your settled in your seat, use a towlette to sanitize the area around your seat including the tray table (these are seldom cleaned). After a thorough cleaning, use a moisturizer on your face as the recirculated air on the plane can cause dryness. And drink lots of water!



Once you arrive at your destination, staying active and adapting an exercise regimen is a sure fire way to combat jet lag and fatigue. Upon landing, I’ll explore the destination city by going for a long walk. A great way to also explore new places. I also recommend signing up for a group fitness class, doing a hike (fitness meetings are the new lunch meetings) or do a yoga practice in a local studio.


Lululemon top, pants, and vest




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