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For those of you who don’t know me, I completed my MBA at the University of Maryland. I went on to work in real estate and consulting and while those careers were rewarding, I always longed to work in fashion. I had always been passionate about fashion, both the creative along with the business of fashion. Though apprehensive about leaving consulting and what was a safe career path, I pursued my passion and started a blog dubbed “ Style MBA”. The goal was to showcase brands and also take a look at their attributes and competencies and how I could help them connect with new consumers. Fast forward three years later, I’m now blogging full time in between both coasts and have exceeded the income I was earning in consulting.

I’m often asked about how my MBA has helped my career and my blog in particular. My MBA has been a great imprint for my blog so much so that it’s not only my business name but its how I’ve achieved competitive advantage in a very crowded space. It’s helped to differentiate my blog from others in as much that I’m able to view fashion and design with a broader scope that not only encompasses the creative but the nuts of bolts of a particular brand. It’s give me credibility and a greater understand of a brand’s needs, their target audience, and how they can grow their footprint through my blog. Though I accumulated great skills sets as a consultant at Booz Allen, it’s running my business that’s challenged me the most and required many of the applications I learned in my MBA studies. I’m proud that I’ve been able to turn my passion into a business – a successful one. Leaving your comfort zone is scary, but I dove in head first and that due in part to the confidence my MBA has given me subsequent to school.

To that end, I’ve been able to thrive as an entrepreneur. It has given me the skill sets and knowledge required in understanding how to run a business, provided me with a broad range of business concepts, and given me analytical skills to help Fortune 500 companies to small business increase their digital footprint. Though conventional wisdom would assume that an MBA’s career path is straight to one of the three big consulting companies, followed a passion and I can’t underscore how much my MBA has helped me as an entrepreneur. It was an investment in my future and while it’s not a guarantee that you will receive that one job you covet, it will always open doors and provide you with a large network of like minded scholars and business leaders.

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While I’m content with obtaining my MBA, I do wish I had known about The MBA Tour. Given the inordinate amount of information out there today, choosing an MBA program can be your greatest challenge. The MBA Tour is an independent information source to help students with MBA admissions. Their events emphasize personal interaction between prospective MBA students, business school admissions representatives, alumni and other like-minded education enthusiasts.

These educational events aim to provide potential MBA students with an opportunity to meet with top business schools around the world in a open and comfortable setting. Each school hosts panel sessions and alumni seminars, as well as engage in discussion with prospective MBA students throughout the MBA conference event. It’s a great test drive before making that commitment to an MBA program.

I hope my story offers you some guidance as you pursue your studies and begin your journey.  Hopefully The MBA Tour will be there to guide you along. Dream Big!

Upcoming MBA Tour Dates Are:

Seattle Thursday July 14
San Francisco Saturday July 16
Los Angeles Sunday July 17
Houston Tuesday July 19
Atlanta Thursday July 21
New York City Saturday July 23
Chicago Monday July 25
Boston Wednesday July 27
Washington DC Thursday July 28



Special thanks to The MBA Tour for sponsoring this post.


Photos by: Jen Eun, Lauren Joseph, and myself



  1. July 8, 2016 / 9:46 am

    very impressive what you have been able to accomplish!! i am in healthcare but my brother has his MBA. it’s quite a rigorous track. hats off to you! (and your style is amazing :)

    • Sara
      July 8, 2016 / 11:56 am

      Thanks so much Rachel!

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