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You’ve been working all day and come home and collapse on your couch. After catching up on your shows and putting a dent in your latest Netflix binge, you notice the time and realize it’s time to go to bed. But oh no, you’re still wearing the day’s make-up and need to cleanse your face but your comforter is calling you from afar and you want to curl up in your bed. Do you take the risk and sleep with makeup on (no, eww, come on, we’ve all done it before), or do you sleep walk to your bathroom to adhere to your daily cleansing regimen? Well, I have a solution for you – Kleenex Facial Cleansing products!


From facial cleansing wipes to soft eye makeup remover pads there are tons of amazing options, exclusively sold on their website here.

// Below is a little more about each product and it’s benefits //

Exfoliating Cushions: A lovely combo of a built-in cleanser and textured fabric designed to gently cleanse, smooth and brighten skin, with dual-sided fabric technology: one side features water-activated cleanser and scrubby texture for a gentle exfoliation that lifts and traps dead skin cells and impurities. Other side features a buffing texture for skin polishing and smoothing.

Facial Cleansing Wipes:  Lifts 99.9% of impurities while nourishing and polishing skin’s surface to reveal fresh and radiant complexion everyday. Product is pre-moistened with water-based cleansing formula that does not leave behind skin-dulling residue.

Eye Makeup Remover: Removers are pre-moistened with oil-free formula that leaves behind no slick residue, helping to nourish and cleanse skin to remove even long-lasting eye makeup. Eyes will feel clean and refreshed in just one step.

Cotton Soft Pads: I love how soft these pads are. Complementing your daily routine of removing makeup, applying toner, correcting makeup application, washing face and removing nail polish.

Shine Away Sheets: I carry these with me everywhere! The office, photoshoots, out to drinks with friends. Their uinique, super-absorbent sheets lift and trap excess oil without smudging makeup, for a beautiful difference one can see.


Special thanks to Kleenex for sponsoring this post.

Photos of me: Natalie



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