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How to Take A Break | Managing Stress | Style MBA

Wellness is not about perfection. It’s about mindfulness and moderation. Mindfulness is all about having compassion for the people around you and for yourself. Moderation is all about finding balance. But when you have a busy life, having compassion for yourself can be a task, and finding balance can seem impossible. In a stressful day, week, or month it often feels difficult to take a breath and remind yourself that you’re allowed to feel exhausted or frustrated. Reminding yourself of these…

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Top 5 Time Management Tips

Hectic schedules are part of life. Managing time and striking that perfect (or oftentimes imperfect) balance between work, family, and friends is a constant exercise and thankfully, something that we can…

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Bobble Like Sunday Mornings

I usually kick off Sunday mornings with a workout. Though in the past Sunday mornings consisted primarily of long champagne brunches, my new normal is my husband’s alarm clock going…