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My Morning Routine | How to Start Your Day

People always say that it’s important to have a productive morning, and that it’s easier to be productive in the morning than later in the day. Well, the people are absolutely right! Studies have long proven that our willpower is at its strongest in the morning and diminishes as we go through the day. That means that making the most out of your morning truly will allow you to have the most productive and least stressful day possible. A good morning starts with…

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Festival Accessories

It’s been a crazy two days at Coachella. The highlight was seeing all the Prince tributes, including my brother in law’s who also performed this year!  Sia’s performance was also…

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Aquazzura Christy Lace-Up

I love shoes and handbags as much as I love ice cream and cookies. They complement the other in many flavors, both reliably good, and always satisfy a need. Often…