5 Denim Trends to Try

While I love the classic skinny jean there are some essential fall denim trends currently on my radar. From raw hems to two-tone there is a trend for everyone and every body type. Below are my top favorites trends to try this season. Enjoy! SHOP THE LOOK // 5 Denim Trends to Try // Two Tone – I love these AG ones I’m wearing above. They are also on sale, major score! Raw Hem – Cropped raw hem denim really…

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Why You Should Add Serum to Your Daily Routine | Clarins

Now that I am home with my babies, I’ve made it a priority to take better care of my skin especially since more sleepless nights are on my horizon. I recently was introduced to Clarins’ Double Serum, a super innovative formula that is made up of turmeric extract (known for it’s exceptional anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties) and can’t get enough. After using it only for one week, I definitely noticed less puffy skin and a more radiant looking finish. You…

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The Perfect Fit | Le Mystère

There’s nothing worse than having uncomfortable undergarments, especially when it comes to a bra. A recent study showed that a majority of women don’t wear the correct size and so I teamed with Le Mystère to help support women across the globe in their pursuit of finding the right undergarments, especially while they travel.   When it comes to bras comfort is definitely number one for me then obviously how it looks under my clothing. I’m so happy I recently…

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Babymoon Bliss | Ritz Carlton

The babymoon is the new honeymoon. Well, at least for us it is. Where the honeymoon offers a respite from the exhaustion of planning a wedding, the babymoon is typically your quiet time before the exhaustion of becoming a new parent. Thankfully, luxury hotels have caught on and created blissful babymoon experiences for soon-to-be parents. The Ritz Carlton is one in particular and their babymoon package doesn’t skip a (luxurious) beat. Warm Welcome Our trip commenced upon arriving at the…

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My Morning Routine | How to Start Your Day

People always say that it’s important to have a productive morning, and that it’s easier to be productive in the morning than later in the day. Well, the people are absolutely right! Studies have long proven that our willpower is at its strongest in the morning and diminishes as we go through the day. That means that making the most out of your morning truly will allow you to have the most productive and least stressful day possible. A good morning starts with…

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Pregnancy: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

It’s hard to believe today marks thirty-five weeks into my pregnancy. I’m so thankful to have made it this far, especially since there’s always the risk of pre-term labor with twins along with other complications that come with a higher risk pregnancy. I’ve tried to share my pregnancy journey (last post here) with you and thought it would be fun to share some of the good, the bad, and the ugly as I’m only a few short weeks away from…

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