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Summer Sandals | Nordstrom

With 90 degree days becoming a regular occurrence, it’s safe to say we’re well in the midst of summer. Despite the heat, I have always adored summertime fashion, especially when it comes to shoes! There is nothing quite like putting on a pair os summer sandals and feeling the sun on your toes. For this very reason, I have acquired quite a collection of summer sandals. As you may know, Nordstrom is one of my absolute favorite shopping destinations for everything…

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Gender Reveal Party! What are we having?

“What are you having?” Is it a boy or a girl?” After announcing your pregnancy, this is probably the most frequent question you’re asked along with “what are you craving”?…

Fashion, Maternity

Maternity Clothes – No luck

Finding maternity clothes that I like has been incredibly challenging. At 20 weeks, I still haven’t made the transition to exclusively wearing maternity clothes and I’m comfortable with that! As…