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Stellar Beauty | Scouted by Sephora

Makeup has always been one of my favorite parts of fashion. Let’s face it, an outfit doesn’t become a “look” without your favorite lipstick and blush! This season, I’m making an effort to step outside my comfort zone and explore new brushes, blends, and especially new brands. Enter Scouted by Sephora. Scouted by Sephora is a section of the Sephora website that offers a curated and evolving dossier of all of the lesser-known beauty brands you’ve been waiting to discover. Think…

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Beauty, Collaborations

City Smart Skin | Elizabeth Arden

For those of us who live in or visit urban areas, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of the city. The people, energy, and opportunity fuel creativity and drive. Despite the perks,…

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Summer Legs | Sally Hansen

This post is sponsored by Sally Hansen. I often appreciate when actresses or models credit airbrushing in helping to make them look picture perfect. I mean, even supermodel Cindy Crawford…

Beauty, Collaborations

Brow Beauty | Chanel

Vogue declared the return of the eyebrow after model Cara Delevingne’s trademark dramatic brows graced its pages. From film icons Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn to Brooke Shields and supermodel…