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Top 10 Beauty Faves

In case you missed it I recently posted my vanity on Instagram (here) and I promise you each product serves a different purpose! Since I am lucky enough to try so many beauty products out I want to make sure I share all my favorites with you including a few must-haves that have really helped my skin look glowy (aka alive) this past year, which I remind you has been on very little sleep thanks to River and Rumi. Weather…

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Tom Ford Makeup

The name Tom Ford needs no introduction. The famed designer/director is not only fashion royalty, but also one of the most influential designers of our time. His clothing collections are…

Beauty, Collaborations, Fashion

Summertime Makeup | Clarins

I’ve always felt that makeup takes on renewed meaning in the warmer seasons. Just as fashion becomes less about layering and more about springtime statement pieces, your makeup truly becomes…

Beauty, Collaborations

City Smart Skin | Elizabeth Arden

For those of us who live in or visit urban areas, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of the city. The people, energy, and opportunity fuel creativity and drive. Despite the perks,…